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#10ReasonsWhy #Yeson1

1. 42,000 Alaskans signed on to put Measure 1 on the ballot last winter.

2. Over 400 businesses, tribal councils, and local organizations across the state have endorsed Measure 1.

3. More than 1,700 Alaskans have donated to support the Stand for Salmon effort over the last year.

4. 58 retired state and federal salmon experts have endorsed Measure 1.

5. Measure 1 protects every Alaskan’s right to fish for salmon, and to hunt, gather, and access the outdoors by four-wheeler, snow machine, or boat.

6. We can’t trust foreign mining companies to take care of our salmon streams.

7. Alaskans need a voice in major development decisions in salmon habitat.

8. Salmon are bi-partisan, something that unites Alaskans across the state and across the political spectrum.

9. Your vote is your own, not your boss’s or your company’s.

10. Salmon are central to our way of life, and we are one of the last places anywhere that can say that.


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