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Copper River Salmon Season Kicks Off

Updated: May 31, 2018


May 18, 2018

Stand for Salmon releases the following press statement by Director Ryan Schryver about the start of Copper River salmon season: As our fishing season kicks off and Alaska exports Copper River kings and sockeye around the country, it's an important time to celebrate the wealth that our wild salmon bring to this state and our rural communities. Salmon fishing creates more than 32,000 jobs and nearly $2 billion in economic output each year. Last year, a Copper River king was worth double a barrel of oil. Let's remember that these fish and this economy depends on healthy habitats like the Copper River. Protecting those places with responsible development standards is a sound investment in Alaska's economy.

About: Stand for Salmon is a diverse group of Alaska-based individuals, businesses, and organizations united in taking immediate steps to ensure that Alaska remains the nation’s salmon state for generations to come. Learn more at


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